One night friends, family and neighbors gather in a courtyard to cook a rondón or round down, as is called one of the traditional dishes of the islands and around this are woven stories, experiences, sometimes sharing music. This is similar to others that have emerged in the Caribbean islands, cultural practice because similarly, in these islands traditions that are perviven product of origin of the first settlers who were especially English and enslaved Africans from different countries.

Architecture, cuisine, language, oral tradition, music are specific practices that define an identity and a history of what the natives are recognized as the raizal ethnic group.

House built on stilts, a language called Creole with a grammar and specific pronunciation consisting of words of English origin and African languages ​​especially meals with fish and coconut seasoned with spices like basil, stories Anancy spider, music based on European rhythms a Caribbean calypso sound or are just some of the events that are part of the native islander culture of this corner of the Caribbean.

During his visit, he will be in touch with people, you will appreciate the architecture, listening to music, even, you may encounter some musicians. In addition you will have the opportunity to taste the delicious food of the islands; ie in general may have a closeness to the island culture.

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