Providencia and Santa Catalina are primarily a natural paradise, have volcanic and coral coast. Its inhabitants have decided to protect their culture and environment conservation practices that allow visitors to have a comfortable stay and time to enjoy a pollution-free environment, bright colors, a landscape, flora and fauna with which they can live in the walk, on bike rides, on horses, on hiking trails, in walks kayak, diving, swimming with mask and other activities offered to culture and the wonders of nature is known.

Some wonders of flora and fauna

Mangrove forests are a sight, and red, fill the water a reddish glowing. coral reefs and seagrass beds are home to various species of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

There are endemic and migratory birds, crabs coming down from the mountain to nest on the shores of South Beach in a real show between June and July each year. At sea, abundant starfish, stingrays and fish.

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