Holidays and festivals in Providencia and Santa Catalina are perfect for living the island culture, enjoy the cultural expressions of the community and know and feel the Caribbean.

Celebrations mother countries

And throughout Colombia, in Providencia and Santa Catalina is remembered on July 20 as a symbol of the independence of Colombia from the Spanish colonization in 1810; August 7, the Battle of Boyaca in 1819 as an event that ended the independence campaign. On October 12, the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America is commemorated; it has been called race day and most recently on cultural diversity, to recognize the cultures that exist in the country. This holiday season the islands are filled with parades, dances and music that are a show of local culture.

Folk Festival, Cultural and Sports of Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands

The third week of June is commemorated on the date Providencia archipelago joined Colombia in 1822. It is a festival where local and foreign artists interpret Caribbean music, sailing competitions, horse racing and other traditional activities are performed. In addition, young people from San Andres and Providencia reign or participate in a beauty contest in which candidates demonstrate their love and knowledge of their territory and their culture.

Providence Black Crab Festival

Between April and June crabs reproduce blacks; down from the mountain to spawn at sea, and when they are born, they return to it. They are walking as if they were one, they are listened to like a river. They go down the road and steps are taken to be walked on. It’s a show and also, when they grow, an animal hunting as they are fundamental ingredient in traditional cooking.

During the Festival competitions are held, allusive products are sold and cultural and sports activities led by members of the community are made.

Chub Festival

The chub is a fish highly valued for its flavor and texture. On December 8 each year people from different sectors of the island to share and taste different recipes meet. During the festival there are regattas cat boats, music and dancing.

Eco Cultural Festival Seaflower

Seaflower Eco Cultural is a film festival. Through films, audiovisual exhibitions, forums, conferences, workshops and social gatherings are evident connections between these islands and elsewhere in the Caribbean, but the reflection on the relationship of the community also promotes the environment and care of the same. It is ideal to enjoy with family and friends; it addresses the realities affecting the entire planet.

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