Prepare your trip in advance: Providencia and Santa Catalina receive a limited number of visitors. They come from San Andrés by plane and  by sea in a catamaran.

Tourist Card: To enter the Providence an San Andres islands you must purchase a tourist card. For 2019 its price is  COP $ 109.000.

Wear cool clothing: The climate is warm, the sun is strong especially in the middle of the year, the breeze cools. Recommend wearing a hat, sunscreen have on hand and of course, wear beach clothes. Pants and long-sleeved shirt can be useful for cool nights.

Internet and telephony: There are internet services and fixed and mobile telephony. Some hotels offer internet. In some parts of the island and there is no sign be borne in mind that in general the Internet service is not very fast.

Banks and ATMs: There are two banks in Providencia; Banco Agrario and Banco de Bogota, which have ATMs in the dontown. There is a correspondent bank for Bancolombia.

Change the coins:  Supermarkets in downtown changes US dollars to Colombian pesos. It is advisable to change currency before traveling. Few establishments receive credit cards.

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